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06/26/20-Jason, his daughter, Chief Dan Waterman of the Painesville Police Department, and volunteer Michelle Iafelice join Minister Brian Jones to distribute free lunches to children in Painesville

06/24/20-Jason joins the Lake County Port and Economic Development Authority Board Meeting to congratulate former Mayor David Anderson on his appointment as Executive Director


06/18/20-Jason conducts the fourth in a series of roundtables with local business and nonprofit leaders with Congressman Dave Joyce, State Rep. Jamie Callender, and County Commissioner Jerry Cirino.


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Jason's commitment to Lake County has been evident throughout his career. As a prosecutor, Jason helped lock up some of Lake County's most dangerous criminals. He also helped to take drugs off the street and put drug dealers behind bars where they belong. As a Magistrate in the Lake County Juvenile Court, Jason ensured that our community's most vulnerable children were cared for and protected.

Jason also has the business experience necessary to grow Lake County, and help people who still need to find good-paying jobs. An entrepreneur with experience starting and growing businesses, Jason knows the importance of workforce development and knows what it takes to promote business creation, and expansion.

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