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Meet Jason

A Commissioner for all of Lake County

Jason's commitment to Lake County has been evident throughout his career. As a prosecutor, Jason helped lock up some of Lake County's most dangerous criminals. He also helped to take drugs off the street and put drug dealers behind bars where they belong. As a Magistrate in the Lake County Juvenile Court, Jason ensured that our community's most vulnerable children were cared for and protected.

Jason also has the business experience necessary to grow Lake County, and help people who still need to find good-paying jobs. An entrepreneur with experience starting and growing businesses, Jason knows the importance of workforce development and knows what it takes to promote business creation, and expansion.

Jason has seen first-hand how the opioid epidemic has ravaged Lake County. His work with nonprofits as well as law enforcment means he knows the difference between those that need treatment and those that need to be locked up for spreading this poison in our community.

Jason's breadth of community involvement means that he is uniquely suited for the role of Commissioner. He has served Lake County as an Assistant Prosecutor, a Special Prosecutor, a Magistrate in the Lake County Juvenile Court, an Acting Judge in the Willoughby Municipal Court, and as the Lake County Recorder. He is a past President of the Lake County Bar Association and the Fine Arts Association in Willoughby. He is a former member of Lake County's Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board, and currently serves as a Co-Vice Chair of the Lakeland Community College Foundation and Vice President of the Lake County Blue Coats.

Jason lives in Kirtland with his wife of thirteen years, Allison, and their three kids, ages 11, 9, and 5 1/2.